About Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah Little. My day job is with StorageMart as their Interactive Marketing Director. I’ve been lucky enough to have fallen in to a job I love and thankful to have had some valuable mentors along the way.

Because I work at a privately-owned medium-sized business, I have one title… but many hats. I oversee the company’s SEM and SEO and work closely with our IT team and developers to address everything from code to content. Which means I also do the Content Marketing ranging from the content on our sales pages all the way to our blog. That leads me to Social Media where we work to engage with our communities and customers, and where I put on my Reputation Management hat. Which makes our marketing department the pseudo-customer service department as well… but that’s for another blog.

I value learning and sharing. My hope is that I can share some of what I’ve learned from others and my own trial and error and collaborate with you.



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