I Failed At Facebook And Won

How do you find what works for your Facebook fans?

Just ask HotLou! Lou runs hundreds of Facebook pages, including my new favorite, TwigTheFairy. His success comes in thinking creatively and then measuring and testing over and over again.

Lou’s energetic chat with my fellow Blitz University colleagues was not only practical (I walked away with a quick-hit list of new posts to try) but he motivated me to actually Do Something. As he was motivating and sharing his tips, I decided to create a “tag yourself” post on my StorageMart Gives page to try and drive user engagement.

It took me about 10 minutes to search around reddit and find something funny about hoarding, which inspired me to find a picture of a garage jam-packed full and create a post relevant to my self-storage audience.


Unfortunately, I was overly ambitious and unfocused. I didn’t have a clear ‘call-to-action’.

My original post content (sorry I don’t have a screenshot) directed fans to ‘tag your dad’ but the image itself was a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ directive. What ended up happening was that fans did engage but not in the way I intended. I intended them to tag themselves within the image.

What happened was this: fans began commenting to say what they would do with a clean garage. And some of them tagged their hubby or dad in the comments section. Absolutely no one tagged the actual image.

I could have said, “Oh man, no one gets it! This didn’t work. My fans aren’t tagging themselves in the image.” Instead, I regrouped and edited the image post to remove the “Tag yourself in this image” instruction and simply said “Comment”. And this worked!

Here’s the post:

Facebook fill in the blank post

And here’s the magic…

You can see that on June 5th – the date I edited the image post – user engagement went up 152% from the previous day! (not too shabby for $16 of advertising over a few days)

Facebook Ad Performance

The post has another week to run, but already there are lessons to learn:

1. I tried something that didn’t work but it worked out.The first step was the most important!
2. Fans engage when you make it easy – if your ‘call-to-action’ is sending a mixed signal, you may not get the results you were aiming for.
3. If you get results that aren’t what you expected, but it’s working… adjust your goal! and then optimize.

I’m eager to see how this post pans out!




  1. By on

    This is a great tip! I know I don’t do anything with Facebook, but this is certainly inspiring me to rethink my use of social media.


    • By Sarah Little on

      Thanks Eugene! You do a great job with LinkedIn and sharing your content there. Any tips?

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