I scared Hollywood away with my social marketing prowess

StorageMart’s social marketing strategies intimidate Hollywood. That’s right, I recently had an opportunity to do a ‘services swap’ and offer free extremely discounted storage to Heather Graham’s production company in exchange for some photo ops of the actress. Heather’s crew approached us with the idea and my marketing crew and I were excited to have some fun with this. Over the past day or two, we were randomly shouting out clever memes to share across our social media.

We had the photographer all lined up and coordinated a time with Heather’s production manager, until they grasped that we would be using the images online. Then the actress got stage fright and felt uncomfortable – her expectation was that we’d just take one or two pics to hang in our office.

Okay, I get it – maintaining an image and managing your public persona and monetizing endorsements and all that. But a picture in our office? This is the age of the social media and social marketing. Our Facebook page virtually is our office. 

We’re bummed we missed out on getting to know Heather and letting her get to know how much fun her self storage company really is. 

social marketing selfie with(out) Heather Graham

selfie with(out) Heather Graham

A note to Heather:

If you change your mind, send me a selfie outside our store. We can have some fun on our Facebook page and you can have nearly, mostly free storage.



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